Saturday, January 7, 2012


This week we started learning about seasons in Science.  I was so excited to start this unit - then our winter here in Austin, Texas, made it really hard to teach about winter.  It is currently super sunny and 71 degrees in our marvelous city.  Not really the best temperatures to teach about winter.  Sigh...

One activity we did to help us understand that the seasons are in a pattern was I chose two different students to be in the middle of our circle.  They each wore one of these hats:

I made the hats by taping a sun and an earth to a sentence strip.  Then the student wearing the earth hat rotated around the sun while the rest of the students chanted "winter, spring, summer, fall"  a few times.  

We also read this book

then created our Tree for All Seasons book.  I got this idea from Mrs. Saylor's blog.

Click on the picture above to print the cover.

You can print the poems on Mrs. Saylor's blog.

We are continuing the seasons this week.  I will post more pictures soon.


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