Monday, December 31, 2012

31 on 31!

Today is my birthday!  I am 31 today - hip hip hooray!

I want to give all of you a little gift for being faithful blog followers.  Click the pick below to download my Number Puzzles for FREE until midnight tomorrow.

 I also have a new unit for learning about vowels called Very Busy Vowels.  You can get it for $2 for the next two days as well.  Click the pic to visit my store.

Oh, and I posted a new Donors Choose project.  Click the button below to learn more about it.

I will talk to you next year!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Tree Measurement and a Little Freebie

This week we started learning about measurement.  One of the activities we did to understand non-standard measurement was measuring Christmas trees with our names on them.

After making these bedazzled trees, we measured them with snowflakes and wrote about them.

We also started our gifts for our families.  This will be my third year to make these special ornaments:

There is a similar idea floating around pinterest, but this is what we make for our loved ones.  I buy SHATTERPROOF ornaments at Wal-mart.  They are in a box of 40 for $8.96.  This allows you leftovers for next year.  Then you paint each student's hand with white acrylic paint.  The student then grabs the bottom of the ornament to make their hand print.  Let them dry overnight, then allow them to use sharpies to decorate the little snowmen.  I attach ribbon and this poem:

Click on it to download it for free!

Happy holidays, friends!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I received an email the other day from a sweet follower asking if I did any small group math station.  The answer is - Yes.  

Each day my students do NUMBERs while I work with a small group.  

NUMBERs is an acronym for:

Number activities
Use technology
Meet with the teacher
Buddy games
Explore math tools

Basically, students have their name on a clip and they place it on this ribbon with the letters for the acronym.

The only students who don't get to make a choice for the day are already placed on the ribbon prior to the day starting by me.  These students are on "M" for Meet with the Teacher.  These are the students I will work with during small group that day.

When students arrive in the morning they take their clip from these buckets

and place them on the ribbon.  The little dots on the ribbon allow my students to know how many clips can go on each section.  I also wrote their names so that girls go on one side and boys go on the other side.  When we first started, I just reminded them that their name couldn't be upside and that helped with making sure that boys clips went on one side and girls clips went on the other side.

Then, when our NUMBERS math small group starts, I read where the clips are located and students get their supplies from here:

I labeled each tub with a picture that matches what's inside.  I also make the frame around the NUMBERs letters match the color of the buckets that those materials are located in.  For example, everything that is in "N" for number practice is in the column of blue buckets and the frame around the letter "N" is blue.

While students are working, they are quiet and spread out around the room.  The only students who are talking are the students on "B" for Buddy Games.

If you're interested in your own NUMBERs labels, here they are:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reindeer Games

Happy Saturday, peeps!  This was a super-dee-duper busy week in kindergarten.  Not only for my busy bees, but for me as well.  I had my formal observation by my two assistant principals on Tuesday.  I was so nervous, but it went REALLY well.  It helps that I have THE BEST class in the world!

This week we have been working on teen numbers, so we played a little reindeer game.  I told my cuties that Santa's reindeer needed to have energy to pull the sleigh, so we need to feed them.

I gave pairs of students a reindeer, reindeer food (puff balls), and a stack of teen number cards.  They drew a number then fed the reindeer that many reindeer pellets.

We also wore antlers while feeding them, just for a little extra fun! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop : Day 3

Happy Holidays!  I LOVE this time of year oodles!  Everything about it makes me feel fuzzy inside.  

I have been trying to teach my kinders that the reason for Christmas is to give, rather than receive, so we have been working on gifts and cards to give to others.  One of my cuties even commented that she felt so happy to give her mom a card that she worked had on.  Yay!  That feeling of giving is starting to grow inside of them.

I want to give to you as a part of a mulit-blogger 12 Days of Christmas celebration!  Sprinkles to you!

Here is my freebie for you!

Check out the other day 3 bloggers with goodies for you:


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