Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day and Night Fun!

This whole month at school has been all about day and night and seasons.  Take a look at some of our fun!

This is our sequence of day and night activity we did after reading my book Little Owl's Journey from Day to Night.

We also made moon paintings after a discussion about objects in the sky.  We recorded our learning about objects in the sky in our Day and Night Journals in my What a Sky! unit.

With this new science topic taking over our classroom, I transformed our dramatic play center into a space station.

We also made our mini-lessons at Daily 5 space themed.  We went on a sight word hunt with telescopes from Oriental Trading.  The sight words were written on stars, so we called it Star Search.

Here is the freebie recording sheet for you!

For our understanding of seasons, we learned this chat:

Winter, spring, summer, fall
Winter, spring, summer, fall
There are 4 seasons in all
Winter, spring, summer, fall

Then we made this diorama throughout the week, with completing one season a day about how a tree changes in each season.

Here is another season tree activity.

A lot of these ideas are in my What a Sky! unit.  Check it out by clicking below.


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