Monday, March 23, 2015

QR Codes

My cuties love using QR codes in the classroom for learning!  I introduce them as "robot sight words" with these little cutie robots to help me out.

I then let my students know that the robots turned our sight words into robot sight words, but that we have a way to "read" the sight words with our iPods.  The littles were so perplexed and excited to read robot sight words and I was so excited to find these robot cut-outs at Dollar Tree to glue the sight words onto.

We love our iPods!  We received them in an Innovative Teaching Grant last year.

If you're interested in learning more about QR codes, I have several resources for you for FREE!  Here is a video of my class from two years ago with the iPads.

I also created this document to help you learn how to create QR codes.
On my class website, I have a whole page devoted to QR code creating for you to use for FREE!

Happy creating!


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