Friday, February 28, 2014

T-t-t-t-terrific Letter Tt!

This week was all about letter Tt.  To kick off the week we created turtle shells to wear, while going on our letter hunt.

The letter hunt cards and recording sheet are in my Tons of Terrific Fun with Letter Tt on TPT.

(cards to hide around the room)
(recording sheet)

 Click below to purchase it.

We also practiced tracing letter T and t with tiny turtles, then played a spin and record game with tops.

I was so excited for letter Tt week because one of my littles has a pet turtle named Coconut and I was dying to have him at school.

Coconust arrived on Wednesday for a day of fun with pre-k friends.

Since we were also learning about 3D shapes this week, I die-cut cones for everyone and gave them scrap paper to make turtles.  They enjoyed their cone turtles and even started naming them!  (Of course, many were name Coconut or Coconut's Girlfriend.)

What totally terrific Tt activities do you do?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Three Little Pigs

Last week was a fabulous week of fairy tale fun with The Three Little Pigs.  We started the week with  by creating the 3 pigs' houses.

We made the straw house by gluing on hay that was leftover from our fall pumpkin patch that we made in our dramatic play center.  The stick house was made with the sticks that we gathered outside at recess, and the brick house was made with dipping sponges into red paint and stamping them like bricks.

We also created pig masks out of egg cartons that we cut into pieces.  My little cuties painted them pink and added a snout, eyes, and ears.  How cute is little Christopher?!!!

One of our science lessons this week was about forces and that air is a force.  We each got wolf straws that I made with wolf clip art attached to a straw.  With the straws we experimented to see which building material blows away the easiest.  We huffed and puffed our way into learning about forces.

(Do you see me in my silly wolf mask?)

After we did the experiment, we all got a sheet of paper and huffed and puffed to blow paint.

If you would like the wolf picture and labels for the paint blowing, click the image below.
For math we have bee practicing number 15, so I created this little pig activity.  We created 15 pigs from white sticker dots that I grabbed from Dollar Tree.  After each pig was made it was place in a pen on the paper. 

It's simple, but we are pre-k and this helped with directions, fine motor, and counting.  Click below to grab it.

In our centers we had sensory fun with crinkled straw and pigs, houses, and a wolf.  I loved listening to my cuties say "little pig, little pig, let me in!"  It was so precious to see them acting out the story together.

 In puppets center we had little pigs who kept saying, "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin".

In the painting center there was pink paint, and scrap paper.  My cuties used the materials to paint pigs and add details to their pigs.  (Don't you love the label?!!)

In art center, I added houses and materials to decorate the houses.  Look at what was created!  I don't give them instructions on what to do for free choice centers.  I just add it to the center and see what they create.  I am so proud of their progress this year!  Sprinkles to pre-k!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

"R" you ready for letter Rr?

We had a roaring great week learning letter Rr.  To start the week we created robot hats to wear as we hunted for letter Rr pictures around the classroom.  When the pictures were discovered, students colored in the picture on their recording sheet.

We also traced letter Rr with robots while singing our letter Rr Heidi Song.

To practice letter sounds, we fed this little Valentine card holder pictures of items that started with /r/.

We ended the week with dressing up as pirates because pirates say /r/.

For added fun, we danced to the Pirate Dance on You Tube.

We also danced to Heidi Songs letter Rr.

 "R" you ready for letter Rr?

Here is my little unit on Teachers Pay Teachers with many hands-on, out of your seat Rr learning fun!  Check it out by clicking on the picture below.  It's FREE until tomorrow evening.

 Grab it fast while it's free or you "R" going to be sorry.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mind your P's and Q's ~ Learning Letters!

As a Pre-K teacher this year, I get a bit more time to focus on letters and a few sight words.  I started creating alphabet units on TPT to help my cuties learn the letters, sounds, and formation.  I am very proud of our learning this year and we starting to stretch sounds to read CVC words since we have so much letter knowledge under our belts.  These guys are going to be so ready for Kindergarten!  Here is a peek at our learning of letters P and Q.

Hunting for letter Pp pictures with our paws...  In each unit there is a letter hunt and recording sheet, as well as a fun way to hunt for the pictures by wearing or using something that begins with the letter. 

Tracing letter Pp with polar bears... Students place the bear on the picture to know where to begin.  We use Heidi Songs to sing while we trace the letter.  In the unit there are foldable polar bears to use if you don't have small polar bears.  It's also fun to search for small erasers to use for tracing.

We painted letter Pp after practicing the formation.  Heidi Songs letter Pp played over and over while we did this.

We also painted pine cones.

Click below to get this unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

For letter Qq we hunted for Qq pictures with quills.

We also made queen's crowns.

We practiced tracing Qq with our quills and a spinner game.

Click below to purchase this unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

These two units will be free until Monday evening, so grab them now.  Penelope wants you to BEE prepared for teaching Pp and Qq!


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