Friday, February 28, 2014

T-t-t-t-terrific Letter Tt!

This week was all about letter Tt.  To kick off the week we created turtle shells to wear, while going on our letter hunt.

The letter hunt cards and recording sheet are in my Tons of Terrific Fun with Letter Tt on TPT.

(cards to hide around the room)
(recording sheet)

 Click below to purchase it.

We also practiced tracing letter T and t with tiny turtles, then played a spin and record game with tops.

I was so excited for letter Tt week because one of my littles has a pet turtle named Coconut and I was dying to have him at school.

Coconust arrived on Wednesday for a day of fun with pre-k friends.

Since we were also learning about 3D shapes this week, I die-cut cones for everyone and gave them scrap paper to make turtles.  They enjoyed their cone turtles and even started naming them!  (Of course, many were name Coconut or Coconut's Girlfriend.)

What totally terrific Tt activities do you do?


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