Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mind your P's and Q's ~ Learning Letters!

As a Pre-K teacher this year, I get a bit more time to focus on letters and a few sight words.  I started creating alphabet units on TPT to help my cuties learn the letters, sounds, and formation.  I am very proud of our learning this year and we starting to stretch sounds to read CVC words since we have so much letter knowledge under our belts.  These guys are going to be so ready for Kindergarten!  Here is a peek at our learning of letters P and Q.

Hunting for letter Pp pictures with our paws...  In each unit there is a letter hunt and recording sheet, as well as a fun way to hunt for the pictures by wearing or using something that begins with the letter. 

Tracing letter Pp with polar bears... Students place the bear on the picture to know where to begin.  We use Heidi Songs to sing while we trace the letter.  In the unit there are foldable polar bears to use if you don't have small polar bears.  It's also fun to search for small erasers to use for tracing.

We painted letter Pp after practicing the formation.  Heidi Songs letter Pp played over and over while we did this.

We also painted pine cones.

Click below to get this unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

For letter Qq we hunted for Qq pictures with quills.

We also made queen's crowns.

We practiced tracing Qq with our quills and a spinner game.

Click below to purchase this unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.

These two units will be free until Monday evening, so grab them now.  Penelope wants you to BEE prepared for teaching Pp and Qq!


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