Saturday, December 14, 2013

Letter Mm Activities

This week was letter Mm week.  We started the week going on a letter/sound hunt with monster wands.

When students found a picture, they had their monster say, "Mmm, mmm, good!" and then colored that picture on their recording sheet.

The recording sheet, picture cards to hunt, and monster wands are in my Mm unit.
We also made monster claws to wear.  These were so simple to make and helped with scissor skills.

To make them, I traced around students' hands about an inch from each finger so the hand was bigger like a monster hand and so students felt successful cutting.  Then students glued die cut triangles onto the "fingers".

I attached a paper band when students completed their part.

We enjoyed reading Go Away Big Green Monster and made lowercase m crafts.

(Are you catching on to our monstrous theme?!?)

We also learned how to form letter Mm with the help of our Mm mats and moose.

My cuties love these letter tracing mats in my letter units from my store.  I have a fun little character/object to use to trace the letter.  That object matches the character/object on the mat so students know where to place their character to begin tracing.

After this tracing fun, we played a spin and write letter game.

For extra fun, I added monster eyeballs (water beads from Michael's) to our sensory table.  They loved those things!!!!

We also made letter Mm with marshmallows.

Check out my letter Mm unit by clicking below.  It's usually $2, but it will be free for this weekend only!

Oh, and we had our 24th project funded this week from Donors Choose!  We are getting more Heidi Songs CDs and DVDs.  We love her songs!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oriental Trading Goodies

Happy Tuesday!  I was recently contacted by Oriental Trading to review some of their goodies in my classroom.  

I was sent some fabulous products that my pre-k littles enjoyed.

We loved getting finger lights that we used to hunt for pictures of things that started with the sound /l/.

I got a class set, so everyone enjoyed the hunt at the same time.  It was oodles of fun!

We also got sticky hands to make a 5 senses "sense of touch" activity.  The hands were completely sticky after we pulled off the back.  Students then stuck different textures that we could feel to the sticky part.

Our favorite items were the bowling sets.  We were able to get five sets, which have allowed for fun group games!  We used them for our 50th day of school to practice letter printing.  I gave groups of students a set of pins with letters attached to the front.  Students bowled and recorded the letters of the pins that fell over.

Thank you for the great goodies, Oriental Trading!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rowdy L'il Reindeer

This week was reindeer week in PreK land.  We started the week with our Mystery Box that had a reindeer inside to learn what our science topic would be for the week.

The reindeer brought us a "reindeer game" to play that day.  It's my newest freebie - Let's Build Rudolph.

We also learned about the parts of a reindeer by hunting around the room in search of the parts needed to build a reindeer.

The parts we searched for were antlers, legs, hooves, nose, mouth, and eyes.  After we found them, we colored those parts on a recording sheet.  When everyone was finished, we labeled a large reindeer together and learned about what each of the parts help reindeer do.

We also fed reindeer in our literacy stations and recorded the letters they ate.  (There were magnets on the reindeer mouths.)

This isn't reindeer themed necessarily, but we transformed our dramatic play area into a Santa's Workshop.

Students we able to "build" and "paint" toys and then wrap them for delivery.  I placed empty paint containers, paint brushes, and tools in the center.  They also baked cookies for Santa.

They also baked cookies for Santa. 

We ended the week with making little reindeer hats!

Next week is gingerbread man week.  We will be using my newest interactive book during transitions.


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