Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rowdy L'il Reindeer

This week was reindeer week in PreK land.  We started the week with our Mystery Box that had a reindeer inside to learn what our science topic would be for the week.

The reindeer brought us a "reindeer game" to play that day.  It's my newest freebie - Let's Build Rudolph.

We also learned about the parts of a reindeer by hunting around the room in search of the parts needed to build a reindeer.

The parts we searched for were antlers, legs, hooves, nose, mouth, and eyes.  After we found them, we colored those parts on a recording sheet.  When everyone was finished, we labeled a large reindeer together and learned about what each of the parts help reindeer do.

We also fed reindeer in our literacy stations and recorded the letters they ate.  (There were magnets on the reindeer mouths.)

This isn't reindeer themed necessarily, but we transformed our dramatic play area into a Santa's Workshop.

Students we able to "build" and "paint" toys and then wrap them for delivery.  I placed empty paint containers, paint brushes, and tools in the center.  They also baked cookies for Santa.

They also baked cookies for Santa. 

We ended the week with making little reindeer hats!

Next week is gingerbread man week.  We will be using my newest interactive book during transitions.


  1. Thank you for purchasing my Dramatic Play Holiday Wrapping Station kit on TPT. I'm so glad you and your students enjoyed it!

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