Sunday, October 6, 2019

Adjective Fashion Show

On Friday we had our annual Adjective Fashion Show!  It is tons of fun and the set up is EASY, yet it excites students immediately upon walking into the classroom.

To set up, I taped up a Dollar Tree red carpet banner, rolled out red butcher paper, and placed my gold spray painted plungers on the butcher paper.  I added our Classy Stages stage to the end, but it's not necessary.  I didn't have it last year.  (It was funded over the summer with a Donors Choose project.)

I did add red plastic table clothes to our tables and placed cute sparkly decorations on top from a local party store, but it's not necessary, either.  It's just decorations.  

Each students got a turn to walk the runway wearing a costume piece they brought from home.  As they walked,  all the other students wrote down as many adjectives as they could think of to describe the costume piece.  After a good 30 second walk, I would say, "1, 2, 3, show your board to me" and then I would read many of the adjectives we used.

After everyone got a turn, I used Yeehaw, Teaching in Texas's FREEBIE for students to illustrate their costume and write the adjectives that describe their costume.  Then we uploaded a picture of our costume onto Seesaw, wrote text with our adjectives, and recorded our adjectives.  

This is always one of the funnest, yet easiest transformations we do and the kids REMEMBER it, as well as adjectives.  Win-win!


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