Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little award...

I am tickled pink that Lisa at Learning is Something to Treasure sent me a little award...

The rules for this award are as follows:
1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you - Thank you Lisa!!!
2.  Include a link to their site - Check!
3.  Include the award image in your post - Done!
4.  Give 7 random facts about yourself - Just scroll down :)
5.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award - Scroll down a little further...
6.  When nominating, include a link to their site - Complete!
7.  Let other bloggers know they've been nominated - and done!

Okay, seven facts about me, hmmmm....
1.  I LOVE dachshunds.  Here are my two cuties.  Their names are Daisy and Duke.
2.  I love staying up late - and I mean late.  During the school year I have to head to bed early because I wake up at 4:30.  But in summers, I stay up until 5:00 am or so.  I could be an owl - HOOT!
3.  I was the first person to go to college in my family.
4.  I LOVE cooking!  I even worked as a chef in Cape Cod one summer while my hubby had an internship at a theatre there.  (On a side note, my hubby is an actor and an artistic director of a theatre here in Ausitn.)
5.  I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  If you haven't watched it, check it out!
6.  I am sooooooo excited about the Olympics.  I could watch gymnastics and swimming ALL DAY LONG!
7.  I love to run.  It's fun!

Okay, here are my peeps to send this award to:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Number Puzzle Fun!

I just wanted to share these little puzzles that I created on TPT.  Click here to learn more about them.  I will send them to the first three people to comment with their email address.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gettin' Crafty!

Hi friends!  I just had to share a pic of the word wall header I created.  The original idea came from Kindertrips wonderful blog.

I have a bee themed classroom and use yellow and blue for my color scheme, that's why I chose the colors.  You can check out my bee classroom from last year here.

You can buy the pieces on Kindertips TPT shop, but I got crafty with my new Martha Stewart circle cutter.  I love this thing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Start Daily 5 in Your Kinder Classroom ~ Part 5

Hi peeps!  I am tickled pink that I received several emails this week about continuing my Daily 5 posts.  I was not sure if they were worth anything to others, so between my uncertainty of their effectiveness and the end of the school year craziness, I put them on hold.  But now we're back!  If you missed the first four posts, here they are:

So in the last post you were continuing building your stamina and charting it, while teaching mini lessons about books.  Now we're going to get into what you do once your class achieved their reading minutes.  This is when you introduce the next daily.  I introduced Working on Words.  My Working on Words materials are stored in this cart:

Please note that I snapped this pick at the end of the year.  I am truly sorry that I do not have a photo of it at the beginning of the year.  Anyways, I say that because you would introduce this daily with only one choice to start off with.  That means that whatever you provide as the very first Working on Words activity, you will need to have many of them.  I started Working on Words with these little clay writing trays:

These little trays were made with old lids and non-drying clay.  I smooshed the clay into the lids and provided  a golf tee with each clay tray.  I instructed students to use the golf tee to write letters or words from the word wall, then use their thumb to "erase" the letter or word.  Demonstrate how to do this slowly and have a student come in front of the group to demonstrate how to use the clay trays.

I placed them in the top drawer with a photo label of them on the front.  I started out with 10 of them in the top drawer so that many up to ten students could choose Working on Words and 10 others would choose Read to Self.  Make sure you explain fully how to use the materials, how many students can choose that activity, and how to clean it up.  Here is a list of ideas for Working on Words:

So now comes the part of Daily 5 that is exciting for students - CHOICE.  You will need to explain to students that when you call their name they will choose Read to Self or Working on Words.  When you call their name you will need to mark it on a sign in sheet. Here is my check-in sheet that I have available on my website:
How I check in students is by picking a student stick from my bee bucket and reading the name on the stick.  

The name I read gets to choose first.  That way, I am not always allowing the student at the top of the list to go first.  Once I read the name on the stick and let them choose, then I go to the next student on the list (the name under the picked student's name).  I do not pick a stick for each kiddo - that would take forever.

Also, before you check-in students for the first time, establish any rules you want to put in place for your Daily 5.  Here are some of my "rules":

1.  Only one kiddo per table.
2.  If you stretch out your arms, you shouldn't be able to touch anyone. 
3.  You can sit anywhere to work except right in front of the classroom door.
4.  Keep your volume on a whisper if you need to ask anything, but it's best if you work alone.
5.  Remind them of your signal to clean up and gather on the rug.

As students make their choice, I highlight their choice on the paper.

Once everyone is checked in, spend a few moments monitoring how they are working.  Make sure that the barometer child (you know that kid by now) is focused and working.

After work time is complete or when the barometer child needs to clean up, sound your signal for clean up time.  I often give my class smelly stickers (chap stick) that I rub on the back of their hand.  This encourages them to clean up quickly and come to the rug.

Once you are on the rug together, give praise for correct behaviors and work habits.

Then you can teach a mini lesson and then check in for the next round.

Before you check-in for the next round, make sure you explain to students that they cannot pick something that they already worked on.  Since there are only 2 choices right now - Read to Self and Working on Words - they will be choosing whatever they did not do in Round 1.

The next day, before starting Daily 5, you will need to make an I-chart for Working on Words.  Revisit my Part 3 post to see an I-chart.

It is your choice when your want to add a new activity to the Working on Words choices.  When you add a new choice, leave the old one in the top drawer and add the new one to the second drawer.  Now students will have more choices in Working on Words.  Jut use your own discretion on when to add new activities based on your students.  I averaged about 1 new activity a week for the next 6 weeks.  I also provided activities in the beginning of the year that were "easier" for students to understand, like on the list I posted above.  As the year progressed, I added more unique activities like Sight Word Bowling,Water Color Words (painting word wall words with water colors), and some Lakeshore Learning games I received through Donors Choose.  I have some printables on my website.  Scroll down to the middle right side.

I hope all of this makes sense.  I apologize for not having more photos.  All of my stuff is in a storage unit right now for summer time.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is a set of Daily 5 posters for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Building the Alphabet

I created this little product last night to help kinder cuties understand the shapes that make up each letter.  It's called Building the Alphabet.

Students are given an activity page to go along with the letter your class is studying.  Each page has shapes at the bottom that are needed to build the letter.  Students cut out the shapes then glue the shapes to form the letter.  I will give this little goodie away for free to the first three people to comment with their email address.

Click on the pic above to check it out!

Also, I made another post late last night that had a FREEBIE.  Check it out here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Learning Goals Chart

Hi peeps!  I have had a wonderful day of making and creating and I wanted to give you a little freebie for next school year.  I found the original idea on Pinterest:

Posting learning goals each day is a district requirement for me and I liked the way this one looked.  I created this little freebie for everyone who wants it to post your objectives.  Click on the pic to grab the little labels!


Hi friends!  I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous {summer-filled} start.  I just had to share some exciting news...  I was nominated for a Fascination Award: 2012's Most Fascinating Kinder Teacher blog!!!  Who would've thought.  I am beyond thrilled and very honored.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Look what I made {and found}!

Hi peeps!  I am super excited to share my little Pinterest inspired supply organizer that I made last night.

Here is the pin I found it on from Rowdy in Room 300 {a fellow Texas blogger}.

I also went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and found these goodies:

I plan on using these to give to my kiddos who can count to 100.  They will get to be a part of the 100 club.  I found the 100 club idea on Pinterest {WHAT!} and thought these little trophies would be exciting for my cuties.

I made labels last night on Vistaprint to go on the trophies.

I also found these for birthdays.  I attach these balloons to the straws as a gift for my cuties.  They also take home the birthday bag.  You can read more about my birthday bag on my website.

I also found these miniature bowling sets.  I posted about our Sight Word Bowling game here.  I thought these little $1 goodies would be great to have on hand to replace any lost pins or balls. 

Well, I am of to get ready for the 

I can't wait to make some new friends tonight.

Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeehaw! Texas Blogger Meet Up...

THIS Saturday is the Central Texas Bloggers Meet Up!  Visit Krystal at Kreative in Kinder to learn more about it.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Summer!

Hi peeps!  It is summer break here in Austin, TX.  School was officially out last Thursday at 12:00.  I have been super busy packing up my classroom and putting everything in storage since the new school won't be finished until July.  All of my stuff filled a 10x10 storage unit!  Yikes!

Last Thursday, we had kindergarten graduation.  It was precious!  Here is a picture of my graduates!

After we snapped this photo, we headed to graduation.  Here we are walking up to the stage.  This precious little guy is one of our second grade teacher's kiddos.  She was so kind to share pics with me.

Even us teachers wore our caps and gowns from college.

 Here is one of our tables decorated for the event.  There is they're diploma in the folded black holder, their memory book, and an art project.  They placed their hats on the table when we weren't wearing them.

Here is one of the diploma pictures.

 Here is one of our hats that we made.

This made me laugh!  This is a picture of me in one of the memory books!

And I just had to share these little cuties!  I am always wearing crazy clothes and jewelry, so my precious mother in law and sister in law gave me these bear earrings to wear at my new school.  We will be the Barron Bears.

Here are some of the logos for our new school.

 Sprinkles to summer!!!


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