Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's in the Sky?

We started Thanksgiving break yesterday so I am doing one of my favorite things - staying up late, reading blogs, pinning, and lesson planning.  I would love to stay up late everyday, but this old gal wakes up at 4:00 each morning - Yikes!  So I save the late nights for holidays and summer.  

While planning this evening, I created a freebie for you.  It's a class sort and student sort about objects in the sky.  You can print it from my website here.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little late...

I know we are on Thanksgiving break, but I just had to share how our Mayflower hats turned out:

I thought they looked stinkin' cute!  You can get it in my store for FREE!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!  I am so thankful for the blogging community and the fabulous peeps I meet through the internet.  

I have created some {last minute} Thanksgiving freebies for you.  

The first is Mayflower Hats on my TPT store.  They're nothing fancy, but they're fun!

I also have these little turkeys to create patterns.  We have been using them in math tubs.  Students draw a pattern card then pick the feathers to make that pattern.  Grab them on my website!

Click Mr. Turkey below to get your freebie.
Enjoy your week!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Turkey Dressing!

Take a look at these little gobblers:

(This one is a Mrs. Crowder turkey!!!)

These cuties are from my Turkey Dressing FREEBIE on TPT!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fabulous Fifties Fun!

Yesterday was our 50th day of school!  
I have never celebrated this day, but I have always wanted to.  We dressed up in 50's clothing (but I never got a picture of my outfit, complete with a poodle skirt).  Here is one precious cuties all dolled up for the fun:

Our day was filled with learning and excitement.  We played sight word bowling.  I wrote sight words on several sets of bowling pins that I borrowed.

Then I placed my cuties into groups and they bowed away.  

They had to record the words that fell over using the recording sheet from my {FREE} Sight Word Bowling activity on TPT.

We also played a letter/sound game from Growing Kinders Rock Around the Clock unit from TPT.  Students spin a "record" and record the matching letter sound.  

For math we are working on patterns, so I die-cutted a bunch of "records" and we made different patterns with them.

Then we recorded our patterns on a recording sheet I grabbed from Little Warriors' blog.

Of course, we ended the day with a Sock Hop!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winner and Pumpkin Fun!

How cute is this card one of my cuties made me during Daily 5 - Working on Writing?!?!

She told me that she drew a rainbow because she wanted to add Rainbow Dash to the card but didn't know how to draw her.  (How many of you have My Little Pony obsessed girlies?).  How precious!


Here's the winner of my little giveaway:

Congratulations Krissy!  I will email you.

I also wanted to share one thing that I did to help teach the life cycle of a pumpkin.  I created a seed, vine, yellow flower, green pumpkin, and orange pumpkin with butcher paper and construction paper.  Then I added a string to them for my cuties to wear.

I gave the pieces to them to wear and arrange themselves in the order of the life cycle.

Here they are working together to figure it out.

And they got it!

There is lots of pumpkin fun in my Playful Pumpkins unit on TPT.

I also had to share this pic of my wonderful team on Bat Night:

Bat Night is a fun night where we invite our students to meet us at the bat bridge here in Austin, TX.  At dusk, thousands of bats fly out.  It's so much fun and a great way to wrap up bat week.


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