Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home from Peru!

I was blessed to go to Peru with my church and work at an orphanage this month.  The orphanage community was amazing!  It serves over 800 children from the Lima, Peru, area.  The kids are so well cared for there and are given so many opportunities to learn and know God.  I didn't want to leave.  Here are a few pictures from my time there:

 Being greeted by 800 precious kiddos
 They lined up and hugged all 81 of us from our church.  It took a little over an hour to meet all 800 of them.
 Ventanilla, Peru, is the city the orphanage sits in.
 Miguel is the man who started the orphanage 25 years ago because he wanted to find find a solution to help homeless kids in Peru.
 Soccer field
 Sewing shop
 Peruvian puppies
 This is one of the many very clean bedrooms in one of the "casas".  Everything is so well maintained and cared for.
 I worked with Casa Ceasar Vallejo.  This casa has 66 little boys who range in age from 6 to 8.  There were six of us assigned to this casa and two translators.
 Path to the girls' casas
 What's a cat's favorite country?  Perrrrrru!
 Another pup
 Ventanilla, Peru
 My casa boys doing a jigsaw puzzle
 Our casa
 Our boys!
 My cuties

 Building robots

 Each morning was filled with praise and worship, crafts, and VBS.  In the afternoons we had a whole community activity.  This day was scavenger hunt day and I was a helper at the Pictionary station.
 The kiddos had to draw something they treasured...  They wrote my name in a heart!

 Me, Lauren, and Diego
 Casa Ceasar Vallejo and the eight of us
 Painting a picture of what we think heaven looks like
 Afternoon World Cup game

I can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iWant to Listen to Stories!

I cannot believe school will start up next month.  I have been a busy bee in my small, two-week window of summer (between summer school and going to Peru).  One thing I knew I just had to make was this product for Listening to Stories for our Daily 5 time.

I plan to use the iPod touches that I will receive through my innovation grant that I received in May.  Kinders LOVE QR codes and I know they'll love this fun, new way to listen to stories independently.

I plan to make these for each month, so let me know if there are particular stories you would like for October.

Grab it in my store for only $2!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hands-on Alphabet Fun!

Happy Monday!  That's an awesome thing to hear in the summer!  I have been a busy bee this past week, since I didn't have summer school, and I finished up my Hands-on Alphabet Fun units.

The first unit is filled with interactive fun for letters A-M.

 The second unit is filled with interactive fun for letters N-Z

Letter Pp is a FREE unit so you can preview what each of the units are like.  Click below to check it out for free!

Each unit has a cut outs to make a class bubble map, materials to go on a letter hunt, pictures to hunt for, a recording sheet to color when the pictures are found, a hands on tracing activity, a printing practice game, an independent practice letter identification hunt, a class sorting activity to sort what does and does not begin with the letter sound, and an independent cut/glue sorting activity.

Here are some pictures of my class in action this year with the fun!

Hunting for /m/ pictures with a monster wand

Hunting for /p/ pictures with a paw

Hunting for /l/ pictures with a light

Hunting for /i/ pictures with inchworms

Hunting for /o/ pictures with octopus hats

Hunting for /u/ pictures with umbrella crayons

Hunting for /t/ pictures with turtle shells

Tracing Rr with a robot

 Tracing Mm with a moose

 Tracing Tt with a turtle

Printing Qq with quills in a spin and record game

Printing Tt with a top spinning game

Grab these units this month for only $25, filled with over 325 pages of fun for your young learners!


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