Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iWant to Listen to Stories!

I cannot believe school will start up next month.  I have been a busy bee in my small, two-week window of summer (between summer school and going to Peru).  One thing I knew I just had to make was this product for Listening to Stories for our Daily 5 time.

I plan to use the iPod touches that I will receive through my innovation grant that I received in May.  Kinders LOVE QR codes and I know they'll love this fun, new way to listen to stories independently.

I plan to make these for each month, so let me know if there are particular stories you would like for October.

Grab it in my store for only $2!


  1. This looks so amazing! I love using QR codes with my Kinders also so I am heading right over to TPT to check this set out!!! You are so talented and I love the way you incorporate technology into your teaching!!!
    Kinderland Kuties

  2. I Love these! Will these be available for every month?

    1. Yes, they will be out for each month. :)



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