Saturday, August 9, 2014

My buzzing little room...

It's been a busy three weeks since I returned home from Peru.  The "buzzy"est event has been setting up my little room and I am thisclose to being finished, so I went ahead a snapped for pictures for you!

Here is the view from the door

As soon as you walk in you see my math stations tubs and turn-in work basket.  These labels are FREE on my website.

Our back packs, coats, and lunches are also next to the door.  You can also see my Thirty-One bag that hangs by the door.  I keep it filled with hallway transition activities so we can keep learning all day, even in the hallway and at the bathrooms.

My CAFE wall ~ if you aren't familiar with CAFE, it's a reading strategies and comprehension wall that is built with the students as we learn reading skills.  I keep my Science materials stored in labeled container above these cabinets.

Here is my Working on Writing area for Daily Five/Reading Groups time, our Math and Science journals, and our paper tray for differentiated writing paper for Writer's Workshop time.  I wrote about this tray here and here are all my posts about Writer's Workshop in Kindergarten.  You can also see our color coded marker caddy and my mailbox for all the little kid notes I receive.

Our little sink area with our hand washing song from my website

This is the counter next to the sink where we keep our morning buzz work, pencil sharpener and pencils, and our folder bucket (form Thirty-One, of course).

This book shelf holds oodles of stuff!  I am so thankful to have it in my room!

Our book boxes

 Author study materials with labels

 Guided reading books with level labels

Here are our Beanie Baby reading strategies from my little store.

This is my small group instruction area.  I teach guided reading, guided math, and conduct writing conferences here.  Some new summer purchases are in this area, including my chevron marker board easel from Hobby Lobby, my storage stools from IKEA for students to sit on, and my three little share bears from Build a Bear to use during Writer's Workshop conferences.

Listening to Reading area

Here are our four computers to use my Lakeshore software with that I received through Donors Choose in 2013.  This is an amazing company and has helped me get 28 grants funded in a little under 4 years.  There is also a little rolly cart to hold the iPods I am receiving through my Innovative Teaching grant last May.

I love to get crafty and enjoyed making my behavior clip chart to help manage and encourage my kiddos.

 Happy "Bee"day wall with my little monthly cupcakes to post student pictures above

Read with a Buddy area for Daily Five selection ~ if you would like the Daily Five posters, they're here in Kristen's store for FREE!

Word Wall with my FREE alphabet letters and my student library, organized with Danielle's library labels

Calendar Math

This is my whole group teaching area where I sit to teach, keep my daily materials organized, math stations groups are organized, and Peanut the Pig sits.  Little Peanut is our rapping clean-up pig.

Working on Words materials cart for Daily Five

Home Center and Blocks Center for social learning time at the end of the day that I keep organized with my Center Signs from my little store

I have five tables and keep them organized by color.  Here is the "blue" table materials bucket, trash can and color coordinated scissors to keep things organized.  All of my scissors have google eyes glued on them to help students learn how to hold scissors correctly.  You can read more on this post.

I love my new chevron chair pockets from Etsy.

On our way out the door you can find by hanging basket where I keep transition songs and activities for us to do as we line up and our good-bye saying that we say at the end of each day.

Thanks for taking a look!  Buzz back soon!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm doing flips!

I created a back to school treat for my team that was, of course, inspired by Pinterest.

I created a little label and attached them to bags of Flips pretzels.  (I could only find X-Men Flips, so my peeps will not only get a little treat, but also get to look at Hugh Jackman!)

I found these Crayola tissues at Target and taped them to the back. 

Here is the label if you want it.  Just click below.


Also, I am sure you've heard about the TPT Back to School sale.  

Here are some of my units for this time of year

Visit my store by clicking below and don't forget to enter the code BTS14 at check out!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home from Peru!

I was blessed to go to Peru with my church and work at an orphanage this month.  The orphanage community was amazing!  It serves over 800 children from the Lima, Peru, area.  The kids are so well cared for there and are given so many opportunities to learn and know God.  I didn't want to leave.  Here are a few pictures from my time there:

 Being greeted by 800 precious kiddos
 They lined up and hugged all 81 of us from our church.  It took a little over an hour to meet all 800 of them.
 Ventanilla, Peru, is the city the orphanage sits in.
 Miguel is the man who started the orphanage 25 years ago because he wanted to find find a solution to help homeless kids in Peru.
 Soccer field
 Sewing shop
 Peruvian puppies
 This is one of the many very clean bedrooms in one of the "casas".  Everything is so well maintained and cared for.
 I worked with Casa Ceasar Vallejo.  This casa has 66 little boys who range in age from 6 to 8.  There were six of us assigned to this casa and two translators.
 Path to the girls' casas
 What's a cat's favorite country?  Perrrrrru!
 Another pup
 Ventanilla, Peru
 My casa boys doing a jigsaw puzzle
 Our casa
 Our boys!
 My cuties

 Building robots

 Each morning was filled with praise and worship, crafts, and VBS.  In the afternoons we had a whole community activity.  This day was scavenger hunt day and I was a helper at the Pictionary station.
 The kiddos had to draw something they treasured...  They wrote my name in a heart!

 Me, Lauren, and Diego
 Casa Ceasar Vallejo and the eight of us
 Painting a picture of what we think heaven looks like
 Afternoon World Cup game

I can't wait to go back!