Monday, April 6, 2015

Hoppin good week...

"Hoppy" Easter!  I hope you all were able to celebrate our risen Savior with family and loved ones. 

My week with my 21 favorite little people celebrated the "bunny part" of Easter.  We enjoyed having this little guy spend the week with us.  He belongs to one of my church peeps and were able to have him as a borrowed class pet.

During Writer's Workshop, we wrote rabbit pop-up books.  I guided their writing with my rabbit tree map.

Even the bunny helped us write!

I also added a few bunny-themed items to our Daily 5 activities.  Nothing quite like a pair of rabbit glasses added to a simple Working on Words activity or a stuffed bunny to Listen to Reading with - it's so easy to spice things up with a holiday theme!

Have a "hoppy" week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

QR Codes

My cuties love using QR codes in the classroom for learning!  I introduce them as "robot sight words" with these little cutie robots to help me out.

I then let my students know that the robots turned our sight words into robot sight words, but that we have a way to "read" the sight words with our iPods.  The littles were so perplexed and excited to read robot sight words and I was so excited to find these robot cut-outs at Dollar Tree to glue the sight words onto.

We love our iPods!  We received them in an Innovative Teaching Grant last year.

If you're interested in learning more about QR codes, I have several resources for you for FREE!  Here is a video of my class from two years ago with the iPads.

I also created this document to help you learn how to create QR codes.

On my class website, I have a whole page devoted to QR code creating for you to use for FREE!

Happy creating!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Groundhog's Day Fun!

I don't know why, but I love, love, love Groundhog's Day!  Any holiday that is going to celebrate cute, furry animals makes me happy!  

We started the week with creating this graph, inspired by Welcome to Room 36.

I just have to tell you that one of my littles absolutely refused to hang up her groundhog above "yes" or "no" until she could go and see if it was sunny or not.  So stinkin' smart!

Here is a freebie of the title if you want it for next year.

We also used my sweet friend Katie's Shadow Detectives unit to do some shadow investigating.  We did this activity by creating shadows of our groundhogs with flashlights.  We did this with the lights off.  They had sosososososo much fun with lights out!

We also made a little treat out of bananas, almonds, and chocolate chips.

Such a fun day of shadows a furry critters!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day and Night Fun!

This whole month at school has been all about day and night and seasons.  Take a look at some of our fun!

This is our sequence of day and night activity we did after reading my book Little Owl's Journey from Day to Night.


We also made moon paintings after a discussion about objects in the sky.  We recorded our learning about objects in the sky in our Day and Night Journals in my What a Sky! unit.

With this new science topic taking over our classroom, I transformed our dramatic play center into a space station.

We also made our mini-lessons at Daily 5 space themed.  We went on a sight word hunt with telescopes from Oriental Trading.  The sight words were written on stars, so we called it Star Search.

Here is the freebie recording sheet for you!


For our understanding of seasons, we learned this chat:

Winter, spring, summer, fall
Winter, spring, summer, fall
There are 4 seasons in all
Winter, spring, summer, fall

Then we made this diorama throughout the week, with completing one season a day about how a tree changes in each season.

Here is another season tree activity.

A lot of these ideas are in my What a Sky! unit.  Check it out by clicking below.




Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year and happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is the new year, so let's have a sale!

(I love doxies!)

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Enjoy your new year and little shopping sale!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Arctic animals and gettin' ready for Christmas!

Since returning from Thanksgiving break, we have been merrily learning about Arctic animals.  My cuties LOVE learning about animals and have such a genuine love for them.  It makes my heart happy!

We started two weeks ago with learning about polar bears.  We started with a schema chart.  It's so precious to hear their thoughts about things.  This particular one made me giggle.  Do you see the misconception that polar bears live in igloos?  So cute!

We learned a lot on Pebble Go about polar bears and then changed some of our schema to misconception.

One of the new things we learned about polar bears was what they need to live.  We created group dioramas that had to have all of the things a polar bear would need to survive.

 We also did some polar bear writing.

 You can get this paper for free here!

For my district, we had to complete an assessment for science about student's ability to make predictions accurately through an ice melting experiment, so I tied in our little bears.  Students were asked to predict where an ice cube could melt the fastest out of a fridge, a shade tree, the sun, or under a table.  I made my ice cubes with little polar bears frozen in them and we placed the frozen bears in the 4 places to make our predictions and complete our experiment.  

 This led us to reading this book

which talks about the melting home of the Arctic.  This led my class to solving the problem of the melting Arctic.  They are so insistent on turning off lights and recycling more than ever!  It's so awesome that they say "I am turning off the lights to help the polar bears."

Another fun activity with polar bears was understanding blubber and how polar bears stay warm.  I let each kiddo stick their hand in this ice cold water (with my light up ice).  They all decided polar bears must be cold!  Then we learned about blubber and stuck our hands in the ice water with the blubber glove.  Our hands stayed warm!  I learned about this idea from the fabulous Mrs. Jump.

This week was a continuation of Arctic animals with a focus on caribou.  My cuties were tickled pink that caribou are reindeer and insisted on singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Caribou.  I didn't snap as many pictures of our caribou fun, but I did get our voting graph to decide which reindeer should pull Santa's sleigh.

We raced two clip art reindeer with balloon races.  The green reindeer went the furthest, so he was the little deer to pull the sleigh.

 We also did some reindeer writing...

 and a reindeer glyph.

 Our focus on math has been teen numbers (teenage numbers as we call them in my little room), so we did a little reindeer feeding game.  Student pairs got a reindeer, a dice with teenage numbers, a plate (reindeer have table manners, you know), and reindeer food.  Students rolled the dice and fed the reindeer that many pieces of food.  We wore reindeer glassed for extra fun!

These same little reindeer made a comeback at the end of our day at social center time.  I just about cried when I saw what my cuties did with the reindeer.

 Do you see that they lined them up to pull the (book box) sleigh and stuck a puppet of Santa into the sleigh!  So adorable and creative!

We also have a Santa's Workshop in our dramatic play center.  We only get 20 minutes at the end of the day for social learning, but it's so important and worth it for my cuties to have social time and a time to be creative.

 I have also been preparing a little gift for my kinder team for each day this week leading up to our WINTER BREAK!

Next week is all about gingerbread men fun!  I can't wait!