Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Amazing Animals!

Happy July everyone!  I have taken a small break from blogging in the month of June to take care of personal life.  I truly used June as a month to have a summer break and relax.

As I enter July, I have been working on some little projects and started with updating my Learning How to Research with Amazing Animals unit. It's still free and twice as big as before and FILLED with goodies to make research in Kindergarten fun and developmentally appropriate.

Take a look at this FREE fun:

This unit introduces making dioramas for animals after completing a Kinder-friendly research map.  The diorama also includes a rubric for students to know what things need to be added to the diorama. I also added labels for the 5 items on the rubric for the diorama.

 Now students can begin their non-fiction books about their animals.  I added first draft writing paper to this unit so students take ownership of the their work and edit it themselves.
This unit also has publishing paper and a table of contents for their book..

Here is a finished book form one of my cuties:

If you want to grab this freebie, click the cover below.


Speaking of animals...

I am off to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana next week for a mission trip.  I will be around so many animals and can't wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Can't you tell it's spring?

What a wonderfully, wet spring it has been here in Austin, TX!  We have gotten so much rain that I have considered building an ark.

Well, spring time has been blossoming in my little kindergarten classroom.  We learned about insects a few weeks ago.  We learned about pollination by rubbing our fingers on Cheetos and spreading the pollen (Cheetos powder) onto flowers that were around the classroom.

We also wrote poems about bugs and insects all week in writer's workshop, illustrated them and  practiced reading them to our friends.

We shared our learning of the insect's body parts by creating salt-dough insects and labeling them.

It wouldn't be spring without hatching chicks!

During the incubation period, we added a picture from my Chicks unit to our calendar of what the inside of the egg looked like and "hatched" the egg from the Learning Resources Chick Life Cycle Exploration Kit.

"Chick" out these little spring time units in my store:




By the way, I had a little surprise this month...

I was honored as the winner for Elementary Leadership for the state of Texas.  Here I am with my award.  Click on the picture to see the news story about it.  I was able to earn my school $10,000 because of this honor


Monday, April 6, 2015

Hoppin good week...

"Hoppy" Easter!  I hope you all were able to celebrate our risen Savior with family and loved ones. 

My week with my 21 favorite little people celebrated the "bunny part" of Easter.  We enjoyed having this little guy spend the week with us.  He belongs to one of my church peeps and were able to have him as a borrowed class pet.

During Writer's Workshop, we wrote rabbit pop-up books.  I guided their writing with my rabbit tree map.

Even the bunny helped us write!

I also added a few bunny-themed items to our Daily 5 activities.  Nothing quite like a pair of rabbit glasses added to a simple Working on Words activity or a stuffed bunny to Listen to Reading with - it's so easy to spice things up with a holiday theme!

Have a "hoppy" week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

QR Codes

My cuties love using QR codes in the classroom for learning!  I introduce them as "robot sight words" with these little cutie robots to help me out.

I then let my students know that the robots turned our sight words into robot sight words, but that we have a way to "read" the sight words with our iPods.  The littles were so perplexed and excited to read robot sight words and I was so excited to find these robot cut-outs at Dollar Tree to glue the sight words onto.

We love our iPods!  We received them in an Innovative Teaching Grant last year.

If you're interested in learning more about QR codes, I have several resources for you for FREE!  Here is a video of my class from two years ago with the iPads.

I also created this document to help you learn how to create QR codes.

On my class website, I have a whole page devoted to QR code creating for you to use for FREE!

Happy creating!