Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iWant to Listen to Stories!

I cannot believe school will start up next month.  I have been a busy bee in my small, two-week window of summer (between summer school and going to Peru).  One thing I knew I just had to make was this product for Listening to Stories for our Daily 5 time.


I plan to use the iPod touches that I will receive through my innovation grant that I received in May.  Kinders LOVE QR codes and I know they'll love this fun, new way to listen to stories independently.

I plan to make these for each month, so let me know if there are particular stories you would like for October.

Grab it in my store for only $2!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Hands-on Alphabet Fun!

Happy Monday!  That's an awesome thing to hear in the summer!  I have been a busy bee this past week, since I didn't have summer school, and I finished up my Hands-on Alphabet Fun units.

The first unit is filled with interactive fun for letters A-M.



 The second unit is filled with interactive fun for letters N-Z



Letter Pp is a FREE unit so you can preview what each of the units are like.  Click below to check it out for free!


Each unit has a cut outs to make a class bubble map, materials to go on a letter hunt, pictures to hunt for, a recording sheet to color when the pictures are found, a hands on tracing activity, a printing practice game, an independent practice letter identification hunt, a class sorting activity to sort what does and does not begin with the letter sound, and an independent cut/glue sorting activity.

Here are some pictures of my class in action this year with the fun!

Hunting for /m/ pictures with a monster wand

Hunting for /p/ pictures with a paw

Hunting for /l/ pictures with a light

Hunting for /i/ pictures with inchworms

Hunting for /o/ pictures with octopus hats

Hunting for /u/ pictures with umbrella crayons

Hunting for /t/ pictures with turtle shells

Tracing Rr with a robot

 Tracing Mm with a moose

 Tracing Tt with a turtle

Printing Qq with quills in a spin and record game

Printing Tt with a top spinning game

Grab these units this month for only $25, filled with over 325 pages of fun for your young learners!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you're enjoying your Independence Day!  I am having a small-ish 'sale'bration in my store this weekend to celebrate America's birthday. 

Everything is marked 20% off and will be on sale through Sunday night.  I also just finished some of my letter units.  You can grab them while they're on sale by clicking below.




Have a happy holiday!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More fun with QR codes!

I was so excited and blessed to get an innovative teaching grant from my district's education foundation before the school year ended!  They came for a surprise visit and awarded the grant to me.  My class will get 4 iPod Touches in the fall.


I wrote this grant to get more tools to use for scanning QR codes.  I LOVE using QR codes and so do the littles in my classroom.  I have made a few goodies about QR codes that are available in my store.  Click below to see them.
I also have a whole page on my website about QR codes if you want to visit it to learn more.

And here is a video of my class using QR codes for a sight words hunt:

Here is a video about my surprise grant award.  My interview begins around 1:22.

Thank you Pflugerville Education Foundation!

Monday, June 23, 2014

"Alpaca" my bags for Peru!

I have not been the best blogger lately.... sigh....  I have been teaching summer school for English Language Learners and preparing to go to Lima, Peru to work at an orphange with my church.  The craftivites are making their way to our luggage and I am so excited!
I have also posted three new Donors Choose projects for my Kinder class in the fall!  There are four days left to get donations matched by using the code INSPIRE at check out.  Click below to see what's up.

Monday, June 9, 2014

S'more fun on the last day of school!

Last Thursday was the last day of school for my sweet pre-k kids and we had tons of fun!

We started the day in my bare classroom (since I am moving grades, it's been emptied out slowly).  I showed them my box from Mr. Sun and they were immediately excited to open it up.  Well, right as we were about to head outside to open it, our school's AR parade started, so Mr. Sun enjoyed the parade with us.

After the parade we headed outside to open our box and saw what was inside.

 We used some inferencing skills to decide what to do with the supplies inside and one little finally said, "We could make s'mores!"  So then we got into a discussion over how to make them and we decided that since Mrs. Siegel, our principal, would never allow us to build a fire at school.  After sharing our thoughts, we decided that the sun could cook them for us!  Sprinkles to Pre-K!!!!

We built them, let Mr. Sun do his work, and then enjoyed them.  Yum!

We also created some cutie, tear-jerking, flowers with poems.  Sniff...

...and sent them on their way to have a "kool" summer.  

I loved every moment of this year and look forward to having some of them again in kindergarten.

I am already in summer school.  Day 1 was today.  Let's hope the next three weeks go quickly so I can enjoy reading, blogging, and creating!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top Ten Things To Do this Summer

I am linking up with Mrs. Jump to share my top 10 things I would like to do this summer.

1.  I am teaching summer school from June 9 through June 27.  This isn't the most exciting part of my summer, but I am excited to work with other teachers in my district and to help some littles be more prepared for the start of school.

2.  I am going to Peru from July 12 - 20 to work at an orphanage with my church.  My church goes on this trip every summer and I have always wanted to go and have prayed about it.  This summer was the perfect summer to go and God provided.  I feel so blessed.

3.  I am going to update my website and transition it back to a kinder site.

4.  I would LOVE to read the whole Wicked series by Gregory McGuire.

5.  I MUST organize my files - both my paper files and my digital files.  I do this every summer.  It makes planning easier for my throughout the year.

6.  I LOVE to go running and hope to go at least 4 times a week. 

7.  I am beginning a study by Beth Moore with some ladies from church and I am so excited.  It's about Paul's ministry.

8.  I plan on making lots of goodies for my TPT shop.  I have 11 items I hope to complete.  I hope I can do it!

9.  I am also moving my classroom from the PreK hallway to the Kinder hallway.... weee!!!!

10.  Last, but not least...  I MUST relax and enjoy the sun with my friends and family!  This is the only one that is necessary for me to continue functioning as a human being next school year.

Summer is almost here and I can't wait!