Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fabulous 50th Day of School!

Wow wee wow!  Today was fabulous!!  I love the 50th day of school.  We had a blast and learned so much!

We started our day with comparing the 1950's to today with this little reader.  Then we had a sock hop.

For a little extra literacy/printing practice we played Spin the Record from Kathleen's packet.  To play the game, students spin the record and record the matching beginning sound.

One game we played that was the bee's knees was sight word bowling.  I prepared my 6 sets of pins with ten different sight words.  Then the littles bowled and recorded the pins that fell down.

We continued our day with a hula hoop contest.  Then we made "hula hoop" necklaces with Froot Loops.  To help my littles be successful in creating their necklaces, I provided them with a sorting mat with five circles.  The littles then placed 10 Froot Loops in each circle to have five sets of 10.  

We are 50 days smarter!  I can't wait until next year's 50's day!


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