Saturday, January 26, 2013

What Comes Next? Freebie

We are getting ready to start addition in my classroom.  We work on it all year, but this will be a more focused few weeks on adding and writing number sentences.  To help them understand adding, I wanted to provide them with more practice with counting on from a number using a number line, so I created this little freebie.  It's nothing fancy, but I hope you can use it too!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ewwweee! Germs!

Last week we learned about winter health and germs.  We did a little experiment to help us learn about germs spreading.  I started the lesson by having my cuties sit around a paper that said Germs are Gross! and they all signed it if they agreed

 Each student signed the paper and then I stated that we were going to agree to not spread germs and that we would "shake on it".  Before we shook hands, I gave them all a dot of paint on their hand - either blue, yellow, or red.  Then we walked around and shook hands to agree to not spread germs.

After a few moments of hand shaking, we sat around our paper and stamped our hand above our name.

We washed up quickly, than I informed my class that the students with red paint were germs.

We then looked at our handprints and noticed that we all had red paint mixed with our hand print!  Yikes!  How easily germs spread.

We reveiwed hand washing with my song below:

  This idea came from Little Miss Kindergarten's blog.  Check it for more science goodies!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Very Busy Vowels

Happy Saturday, friends!  We have been working like busy, busy bumble bees this week to master medial vowels and CVC words.

To review vowels, we observed the shape of our mouths when we said short vowel sounds.

 We also sang Vowel Sound Hound Dogs to review those sounds.  I love Jack Hartman's music and Kim Adsit has an awesome book to accompany the song at here TPT store.

We made words with Deanna Jump's Stretchy the Word Snake and practiced stretching sounds with slinkies.

We also played What's that Vowel? from my Very Busy Vowels unit.  To play, students take turns rolling a picture dice and naming the medial vowel sound.  Then they move their pawn on a game board to that vowel.

We also enjoyed medial vowel scoot from my little unit.

 You can grab these goodies from my unit by clicking the picture below.

 I will give it away for free to the first 5 people to leave a comment with an email address.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Germs are gross!

This week we are learning about winter health and germs.  I have been working like a busy bee today to prepare lessons.  One of the ways I help my cuties understand hand washing is through this little song to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You can click on the picture to download it.  I hang it above my sink in my classroom.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bull's Eye Freebie for NUMBERS

I was sent an email asking about some of the of the activities in my NUMBERS math tubs I posted about here.  Here is one of the games in my N (numbers) tubs.  It's called Bull's Eye.  

To play, students count the bees on the card, then place the golf tee through the correct number.  Then they flip the card over to check their answer on the back.  If it's correct, then students will see a small yellow dot above the golf tee.

You can also place a sticker above the correct answer hole.

If you want this little freebie, you can get it on my website here.

If your students like the Bull's Eye game, I have a medial vowel version in my Very Busy Vowels pack, which is on sale through Saturday.  Click the pic below to purchase it.

Happy weekend friends!


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