Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reindeer Games

Happy Saturday, peeps!  This was a super-dee-duper busy week in kindergarten.  Not only for my busy bees, but for me as well.  I had my formal observation by my two assistant principals on Tuesday.  I was so nervous, but it went REALLY well.  It helps that I have THE BEST class in the world!

This week we have been working on teen numbers, so we played a little reindeer game.  I told my cuties that Santa's reindeer needed to have energy to pull the sleigh, so we need to feed them.

I gave pairs of students a reindeer, reindeer food (puff balls), and a stack of teen number cards.  They drew a number then fed the reindeer that many reindeer pellets.

We also wore antlers while feeding them, just for a little extra fun! 



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