Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Mitten

This week was only a three day week for the students, but we sure did work hard and accomplish a lot.  We started learning about seasons in Science, so I planned to read one of my favorite books, The Mitten.

I absolutely love this book and introduced it by telling my kinder cuties that we had a new friend in our room.  I placed a small hedgehog puppet in a bag and asked one student to come up and describe what was in the bag.  The other children guessed based on the clues.  Then I pulled out the hedgehog and it read the story to them.  
Then we graphed our favorite character from the book.
I found the little pictures of The Mitten Characters from Swamp Frog First Graders.  Her blog is awesome!  I created the title for this graph from my collection of Lettering Delights fonts. Click on the graph above to print the title I created.

We also learned about the story elements of The Mitten.  You can click the picture for the parts of the story map.  I got this idea from Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade.

I was tickled pink when a new student said the setting was in North Carolina, where she moved from, "because there is no snow in Texas".  It made me smile!


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