Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rhyme Dog

I wanted to share a song and puppet that I use to reinforce rhyming words with my students.  His name is Rhyme Dog.

I am not sure if the puppet is really a dog, but I decided he was.  My cuties LOVE Rhyme Dog time.  I started using Rhyme Dog as a transition activity.  We all know Kindergarten is FULL of transitions.  I have tons of activities that I use whenever we are meeting on the rug to keep my students who are already on the rug engaged and learning while other students are cleaning up and heading toward the rug. 

I start Rhyme Dog by saying "What time is it?" and the cuties reply, "Rhyme Dog time!"  Then he sings a rhyming song to them using the cards in the picture above.  Click on Rhyme Dog's photo above to print off his song and begin using it tomorrow!

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  1. Cute idea!

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    "Kindergarten Kel



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