Monday, February 13, 2012

My Mystery Box

So I had to stay home sick today - bummers!  I work so hard to plan my lessons and really don't want to miss out on all the fun!  Sigh...  I do have a fabulous student teacher and I know she will enjoy the day that I had planned.  
Since I am under the weather, I decided to be productive - who likes laying around anyways.  I made my mystery box that I bought from Abby's TPT store.  




I bought the box at Hobby Lobby for $3.20!  Sprinkles to me! 

If you haven't heard about Abby's mystery box, it's a box to hold something that you will use for teaching and the kiddies infer and guess about what's inside after holding and shaking the box.  Then the teacher provides clues and students make more guesses.  Here is Abby's post about the mystery box.

I am so excited to have it put together.  I am going to use it tomorrow to hold our conversation heart candies for the Sweetheart Snatcher activity on our day of love.  Thanks Abby for helping plan my Valentine's Day!  She is sooo awesome!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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