Saturday, February 11, 2012

Measurement Activities

We recently started a study on measurement for math.  We started with capacity.  We have already completed a mitten capacity investigation. On our second day of capacity, I had my cuties predict how many cubes would fit into this bowl.

After they recorded their predictions on this chart, we completed the investigation and learned the capacity was 57 cubes.

Then we measured the capacity in cubes for some cups.  I called it Cupfuls of Capacity.  For the Cupfuls of Capacity, I provided each group with three different sized cups.  Each cup had a different colored star taped to it.  

Each little cutie made predictions about how many cubes each cup would hold, then performed their investigation.   

My kinders used this recording paper to complete the investigation.

After we completed our capacity study, we moved on to weight.  I did not get photos of all our activities, but during our learning, I overheard one little cutie say "big things are always heavier".  Hmmm... SO the very next day we completed a little investigation.  I filled one balloon with air and one balloon with some water.  We predicted which balloon was heavier and recorded it on this chart.

Then we completed the investigation and learned that the smaller balloon with water was heavier!  Some of these little guys were in awe with the results.

While we did the investigation, my cuties used this recording paper.


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