Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm doing flips!

I created a back to school treat for my team that was, of course, inspired by Pinterest.

I created a little label and attached them to bags of Flips pretzels.  (I could only find X-Men Flips, so my peeps will not only get a little treat, but also get to look at Hugh Jackman!)

I found these Crayola tissues at Target and taped them to the back. 

Here is the label if you want it.  Just click below.

Also, I am sure you've heard about the TPT Back to School sale.  

Here are some of my units for this time of year

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  1. Thank you for the read. Honestly you covered the topic and broadly examined all areas. If i was to write this i would have done a few things differently myself but you have definitely inspired me to get into the world of blogging. Thanks heaps for the post i really appreciate it. Have a good day and keep blogging:))



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