Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day before leaving for Spring Break. (I love you Spring Break!)  It was a day filled with fun and excitement!  We started our day as normal as possible with completing this leprechaun/CVC activitiy.

Students chose a leprechaun and colored a leprechaun on their recording sheet that color.  Then stretched the sounds to spell the CVC word that was on the leprechaun's tummy.

We were also planning a visit from our buddies.  The day before, I told my cuties we would be playing a St. Patrick's Day game with our buddies and we needed decorated cups.  So we decorated them and placed them in a box.

That evening I took them home and shrunk them in the oven and placed them back in the box.

The next day (on our St. Patrick'sDay o' Fun) I opened the box and pretended to be surprised about the cups and found a note from a leprechaun stating that he loved the hats we left him but they were too big!

My cuties put them on and were shocked that a leprechaun thought our cups for our buddy game were hats.

We had to come up with a new idea fast!  Our buddies were coming and we needed an activity to do with them.  So I read the class this book to get some ideas.

This books talks about building leprechaun traps.  My cuties thought that would be a great idea so we gathered materials and prepared traps with our buddies.

First we designed our traps with this planning sheet from my TPT store.

Then we started building them!

While my cuties we away from the room, I snuck back and made footprints everywhere and sprinkled green glitter on their traps.  Let me tell you, they were so excited to return and would not stop checking their traps after that!

You can read about traps from last year on this post.
We also played a roll the leprechaun game.  My cuties LOVE these games!

Fro writer's workshop, we took a one day break from our Lucy Caulkin's curriculum and wrote about who we love more than gold.

Thanks Teacher Wife for this idea!


  1. Oh lucky you, already on Spring Break!!!!

  2. I love the "Who is worth more to you than gold activity". Is that available for purchase?



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