Tuesday, March 12, 2013

b and d

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I wanted to share a new freebie I just posted to help students with letter b and d reversals:

This freebie includes three different dice and two recording sheets.  Here are some pics of the goodies inside:

This is a skill two of my cuties are really in need of more help on.  I also purchased this b and d Uno Game from Ms. Jessica.  My cuties last year played it and I am excited to pull it out again.

I am sure you have heard of Teacher Tipster.  Here is a b and d video that is awesome:

The lovely Mrs. Carroll posted about b and d here.

Mrs. Hodge posted about b and d here.

I would love to know any other ideas for helping my cuties with this concept.  Please share!


  1. I was only thinking about this today at school! it's like you read my mind!!
    I stalk your blog all the time and love your implementation of the Daily 5! I have followed it with a lot of success in my classroom!
    thank you!


  2. This is great and will be so helpful!! Just yesterday I had a child sounding out words, then stopping to ask "is that a b or a d?"
    Kari :)

  3. TO help with b and d reversals tell the kids the little phrase "Check your baby's diaper" while the children are using both their hands to give thumbs up. Emphasize the left hand on the word baby and the right hand on the word diaper. Works like a charm and they always have their hands to check.

    You can use pigs are not quiet with thumbs down too!



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