Thursday, February 7, 2013

Understanding Diversity

Last year I wrote this post about diversity.  My cuties last year really understood the lesson on diversity through that activity so I did it again this year.

We started our lesson on diversity by talking about our skin and the colors we see.  Of course most answers were black and white.  One cutie did say peach.  Then I read this book:

Then we learned we were going to create our skin color with paint.  I asked my cuties what colors of paint we would need to create our skin color, and again, I heard black and white.  So I asked them, "To make Mrs. Crowder's skin color, what colors would we need?"  Many of them said white, so I rubbed a little white paint on my hand.  They all agreed it wasn't correct.  So then we mixed a little more of different colors, from the choices of red, yellow, black, brown, and white.  We all agreed I wouldn't need brown or black, so we tried with a little yellow, red, and white and then we did it!  We made Mrs. Crowder's skin color.

Then it was their turn.  I gave them little plates of paint to mix small amounts to make their skin color.

Once they made their color, then we mixed a little more in a Dixie cup for them to create a self portrait.

Then we all checked out each other's work and came to the conclusion (YAY!!!!!!) that we all have different skin and none of us are really the same color so we all need to be freinds because, really, we are all different!

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  1. I love reading your blog. You always have so many great ideas. It has really supported me during this first year in kindergarten.



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