Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daily Five Video

Hi friends!  So I have a fabulous volunteer in my room and she recorded my class checking for Daily 5 and working while I taught a guided reading group.  It's not much, but it shows how to check in and my cuties working.

During the video, I check in my students by calling the reading group friends first (after making a mistake - this gal was nervous!), then I call the friends who have the iPads for the day.  Last I check in the other students.  They quickly told me what daily they would do and I marked their response on this recording sheet.

If you want to learn more about the iPads and the apps I use, check out my presentation materials by clicking on the pic below.

This document also explains how I choose the students to use the iPads each day.

I hope this was helpful!  Have a happy Thursday!


  1. Thank you Erika for the great list of Apps. there are some new ones for me. I love the pictures too!

  2. What a great presentation, Erica! Love those pictures!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I wanted you to know how very helpful this video was for me. I just started the Daily 5 after using centers that I had to "make" every week. It was just too expensive and time consuming. I could not do it anymore. My centers are bits and parts of the Daily 5 and my students are enjoying them. Your video helped me to see it in action and let me know that I am on the right track. After seeing Penelope's cage I just had to learn more about her- was she a hamster, guinea pig? Boy was I surprised to find out she was a hedgehog! What a cool class pet. Thanks again for sharing!
    Jennifer, kindertrips

  4. I love this idea!!How exactly were you able to get all these ipads for your classroom?

  5. I am going to be a Kindergarten teacher (first time teacher on top of that) this year, and our school is implementing Daily 5 and we always refer to your blog! it's so helpful! Keep posting Daily 5 stuff! LOL ;)



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