Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Writer's Workshop

In my district we use Lucy Caulkins' Writer's Wrokshop for our writing curriculum.  I love the way she introduces the idea of writing to students.  Even in our seventh week, we have grown so much as writers.  

Here are some of the anchor charts I have used this year for my eager writers.

I introduced this one when we started writing on the second day of school.  We started with pictures, then we started adding letters by labeling, then we started adding words.

I used this one when we started talking about labeling.

 This one has helped with writing actual letters and words.  It has really helped a lot.

 I also give each student a writing folder.  This is mine.  It's gigantic!

In Lucy Caulkins, she has the teacher place a green sticker and red sticker on each side of the folder.  The green sticker is for pieces that can still be worked on and the red side is for pieces that are complete.  Here is the inside of my folder with pieces that I model for the class.

Because of the differences in writing abilities, Lucy Caulkin's encourages teachers to have a variety of paper out for the different needs in the classroom.  The paper varies based on the amount of space for sketching and the number of lines for writing.  Here is how I store my paper.

There is a list of my students attached to the side of the paper tray with a small sticker dot next to their name.  The sticker dot tells them what tray to get paper from.  When a student needs to start choosing from a new tray, then I cover their old dot with a new sicker.  Easy peasy!   

To organize my writing conferences, I created this chart with the days of the week and student pictures.

Each student meets with me once a week.  On the days they don't meet with me, they work with their writing partner.  Their partner is located on the chart next to them.  Writing partnerships allow writers to still get help and support even if they cannot meet with me that day.

After I model my writing then I call my conferences to my table.  Those students go back and start on a piece of writing.  Then I ask the rest of my students to point to their partner and get started.  While we're working I play classical music and then start conferring with the students at my table.  While conferring I use my conferring tool kit.

It's stocked with everything I need to prepare young writers, including letter formation guides, letter/sound pictures, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, date stamps, spider legs, marker boards and my favorite thing ever


This is used when we publish a piece and want to dedicate our writing to someone.

I truly love using this writing program.  I saw amazing growth last year in my kinders.  One goal I have for this year is to try and get some parent volunteers to come in during our 40 minute writing block to help some of the partnerships.  The more help, the better!  This is definitely a time to utilize volunteers if you have someone who really wants to be in the classroom.

Happy writing!


  1. Love your ideas! We use Lucy Calkins too! I have to get a dedication stamp- what a great idea!

    Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

  2. I absolutely love the way you laid this out and explained it to us. im so motivated to start this in my classroom. Can I ask you a question, what are the Spiderlegs for? Girlforgod27@aol.com

  3. Super cute ideas to compliment Writer's Workshop. This is my first year really implementing Writer's Workshop all the way. I am using Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills' Writers' Workshop units this year and love them so much!

    (Kindergarten Kel)

  4. I absolutely love the way you organize your paper! I have that same exact tray, and since moving to Kindergarten I've had no idea of what to do with it!! Now I know!! As always, thanks for sharing friend!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  5. Wow this is great! I start full day with my kinders in two weeks and I really want to begin writer's workshop with them. They have writing journals already but now I want them to move to writing there own stories. Thanks for the help!
    Kindergarten Milestones

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  7. Hi! We are launching Lucy Calkins writer's workshop in our kindergarten classes. I'd love to connect with others who already have experience and success with this program. I am open to all sorts of ways to learn and to have the teachers bring it into their classrooms.

  8. I would love to see the writing paper that you use. Could you send me them? Csims24@optonline.net

    Fellow kinder teacher :)

  9. I would love to see the writing paper that you use. Could you send me them? Csims24@optonline.net

    Fellow kinder teacher :)

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  11. Hey! I am a first year teacher and I feel like I haven't done enough writing with my kindergartners this year. I am researching ideas for next year and was told about Lucy Calkins... it seems as if it others think this is a good program! I'd love to hear what you have to say and if you know of anywhere I could see this program in action! Thanks!!!!

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  13. I have a lot of journals taking up room in the writing folders that were done from Aug-Dec. What suggestions do you have for organizing my folders to create space for writing for the rest of this school year?

  14. I also forgot to mention that I would like to keep their older journal writing to show progress.

  15. I am working for a dissertation writing services being academic writer. I believe that idea about this workshop will enhance writing skills of writers.

  16. I am looking into thoughts for one year from now and was told about Lucy Calkins... it appears as though it others think this is a decent program! I'd love to hear what you need to state and on the off chance that you are aware of anyplace I could see this program in real life! Thanks!!!! Who Can Do my Assignment

  17. In my locale we utilize Lucy Caulkins' Writer's Wrokshop for our written work educational modules. I cherish the way she acquaints composing with understudies. Indeed, even in our seventh week, we have developed to such an extent as journalists. Can you DO my Research Paper

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