Sunday, October 7, 2012

Magical Product Swap

I was blessed to participate in Mrs. Stanford's Product Swap again this quarter!

I received a products from Time 2 Kindergarten, which is maintained by Tiffani Mugurussa.  She sent me here Visual Symbols for Classroom Directions Cards from her TPT shop.

All of her products look fabulous, but I was excited to get her direction cards because there are so many different direction choices.  Here is a pic of them. 

Tiffini also provides you with numbers to place next to the directions.

I was able to use these direction cards with my class over the last two weeks and they really do help kinders with understanding the order to complete their work.  Tiffani's hard work has made a difference in my classroom.

Hop on over to Tiffani's TPT store and her blog to learn more about her and grab her goodies!

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