Monday, June 13, 2016

Student Created Graphs

Hiya peeps!  Happy summer to many off you!

Before we left for summer, we did a little unit on graphs.  We started by learning how to collect data with my Survey Says unit from my little shop.

After a week of data collecting and making class graphs, I challenged my littles to create their own question with a partner and collect data from people around our campus.  My cuties loved doing this!  It was oodles of fun to ask our librarian, office staff, nurse, and older students walking by.  I gave my kiddos about 10 minutes to collect their data.

We loved surveying people around school!


This is one survey.  They really thought of creative questions!  Our mascot is a bear cat.

After much data collecting, my students worked with their partner to create a graph that reflected the data.

I even recorded some of my cuties working on their graph creation.

Here is a completed graph!

I also gave each cutie his/her picture to add a speech bubble to and tell something they learned from their graph.

Well, that's about all for now, but I have some great little posts coming up from some fabulous things we did in this very, very busy year!

By the way, here are my 20 precious littles who worked so very hard this year.



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