Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reading Strategies with Beanie Babies

I am not sure of the originator of the Beanie Baby Reading Strategies, but I have always loved using them with kinder kids.  I created my own set that we have already started utilizing in small group instruction.

This bulletin is set up near my reading table so that my cuties can always see it, but I also created a smaller set to help each group as needed with their strategies.

These smaller ones are attached to a mini poster that says "Our Reading Strategies" so that student groups know which strategies to focus on.

Each group has a min poster and a set of strategies.  I attach their poster to my small group easel when that group comes to my table.

I also wrote a note to families about each strategy.  I only send home the strategy a group is working on with those students.  These notes help families understand how to help their child with their reading at home.

You can grab this pack in my little store for only $3.


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