Monday, June 9, 2014

S'more fun on the last day of school!

Last Thursday was the last day of school for my sweet pre-k kids and we had tons of fun!

We started the day in my bare classroom (since I am moving grades, it's been emptied out slowly).  I showed them my box from Mr. Sun and they were immediately excited to open it up.  Well, right as we were about to head outside to open it, our school's AR parade started, so Mr. Sun enjoyed the parade with us.

After the parade we headed outside to open our box and saw what was inside.

 We used some inferencing skills to decide what to do with the supplies inside and one little finally said, "We could make s'mores!"  So then we got into a discussion over how to make them and we decided that since Mrs. Siegel, our principal, would never allow us to build a fire at school.  After sharing our thoughts, we decided that the sun could cook them for us!  Sprinkles to Pre-K!!!!

We built them, let Mr. Sun do his work, and then enjoyed them.  Yum!

We also created some cutie, tear-jerking, flowers with poems.  Sniff...

...and sent them on their way to have a "kool" summer.  

I loved every moment of this year and look forward to having some of them again in kindergarten.

I am already in summer school.  Day 1 was today.  Let's hope the next three weeks go quickly so I can enjoy reading, blogging, and creating!


  1. What a nice idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like your idea!! Even I recommend all Phoenix kindergarten preschools to organizing this kind of activities with your kids. Really great effort!!



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