Friday, March 21, 2014

A little butterfly and froggy fun!

My last post mentioned that we have an oviparous zoo in my classroom!  It's been so much fun to enjoy the creatures growing and hatching and to learn about life cycle through real experiences.

This week was focused on butterflies and frogs and next week is all about chicks, since our chicks are due next Thursday.

To start the week, we learned about oviparous animals.  I showed my cuties my Ikea egg and we named things that might hatch from an egg.  Then I opened it and we learned that the animals inside are all oviparous because they come from eggs.  (Don't little LOVE saying BIG words?!?!)

 We then read Shuna's book from her oviparous animals' unit.

Of course butterflies were in the egg, so we started learning the butterfly life cycle and that it begins with an egg.

Throughout the week we created this life cycle wall.  It took all week, but it really helped my littles learn the cycle.

It's hard to see because we used pencil, but we wrote facts about each part of the cycle on the pieces that have an index card in the middle.  Our butterfly tree map helped us.

The tree map pieces, hallway labels, and vocabulary cards are in my butterfly unit as well as these ideas:

 We have been loving these beautiful creatures!

We also learned about frogs and their life cycle.  Look at our tiny tadpoles!

We used many ideas from my Frog Life Cycle unit.

In our sensory table, I added water bead to look like eggs and the pieces of our frog life cycle.

My littles loved acting out the cycle and singing songs from our play we are working on - The Wide Mouth Frog.  (We are performing on May 8th!)

We also enjoyed a guest from my church who came and taught us the difference between frogs and toads.


  1. I just voted for your school!! Number 1930! May I have Plants, Plants, Plants, please? :)
    Thank you so much and good luck!!!
    Aimee Farrell

    1. Hi Aimee! Can you send me your email address? Thank you so much!



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