Saturday, January 25, 2014

Animal Antics!

Since we returned from winter break, we have been learning about animals.  In our centers we have a jungle safari in our dramatic play center:

My cuties have been exploring with binoculars I made from toilet tubes and snapping pictures of all the animals to record in their animal journals.

In my sensory table, we had snow made from mixing corn starch and shaving cream.  There were polar bears in there to hide in the snow and camoflauge them.

 For our blocks center, we had zoo animals to build a zoo.

Our art center has ben an exciting place with "how to draw______" cards.  My cuties have loved looking at each step and mastering how to draw different animals.

These cards inspired my cuties to make their own zoo!

I love when they work hard and communicate on what they need to each other.  They had such team work to make their zoo!

Have a happy week!

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