Friday, October 11, 2013

Letter Ff and Number 5 Activities

This week was hopping good fun with letter Ff and number 5.

To start the week, we hopped around as froggies searching for letter F and f, as well as pictures that started with /f/.  We wore these little froggy hats to kick off the fun!

We also traced letter F and f with our fingers.  

These tracing cards in my Fantastic Fun with Letter Ff unit on TPT.

In my unit, there are foldable frogs you can make to trace the letters, hats to wear for a letter hunt, recording pages for your hunt, picture cards to hide and so much more that will get your little "hoppy" about letter Ff.

We also made these adorable froggies to sing our Letter Ff Heidi Song.  We LOVE Heidi Songs!

This week was also about number 5.  We enjoyed singing 5 Little Speckled Frogs with Kim Adsit's interactive song book.

Then we pulled out the froggy hats and became the speckled frogs who needed to hop into the water.  This helped us count to 5 and identify 5 with the froggy dice.

Then we played a roll and cover game with number dice programed with 0-5, "froggies", and a pond.

Students rolled the dice and hopped that number of frogs to the pond.  Then their partner emptied the pond, rolled the dice and hopped their number of frogs to the pond.  It wasn't anything fancy, but they loved it and begged to play it again.  They are 100% precious!

We also played a fall themed Roll and Cover game for numbers 0-5.  


It's actually a Bump game from my Seasonal Number Activities for Fall unit, but I thought a roll and cover version would be perfect for this time of year with PreK kiddos.

We also played a Count the Room game from this unit for practicing printing 1-5.

Both of these units will be on sale for only $1 all weekend!  

While you visit my store, check out my newest freebie we will play next week for learning number 6:

Have a "hoppy" weekend!

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  1. Thanks so much for the pumpkin roll and cover freebie! You rock!



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