Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Learning rules and taking a tour

Happy September!  Last week was our first week at school.  It was crazy and fun!  I was very proud of my pre-k kiddos for working hard and for establishing routine. 

We also worked hard on learning how to be respectful in our classroom.  Our Mrs. Potato Head rules really helped with that.

We repeat them each morning while adding the mentioned piece to Mrs. Potato's body.
(You can download these for FREE by clicking the picture above.)

We also learned about our school with my Rascally Raccoon's unit in my little store.

To start this unit, you have to read The Kissing Hand.  We read it on the first day of school and graphed how we felt at school.  

We checked on Chester throughout the week to see if he was feeling happier and even tried to cheer him up with hugs and kisses.

When we left for lunch last Friday, we left Chester on a pillow in the middle of our carpet to rest.  

While the cuties were at lunch, I dashed back to the classroom to deliver him to the principal, the final stop.  In his place, I laid his letter stating that he wasn't scared anymore to be at school and ran of to meet people.

My kids were SHOCKED when we returned to the classroom and he was gone.  They excitedly asked me to read the letter.  It was precious!

 This tour leads you around the school in any order you choose with fun, rhyming cards. 

Through the halls

At the library

With the counselor

To the nurse

With the principal

(By the way, it was hilarious when we got to each stop and the children were asked what was going on.  Their responses were priceless!)


  1. Awe I didn't know that you were teaching Pre-K this year! Congratulations! How much fun! I'm glad you made it through your first week alive : )

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas



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