Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ice Cream for Summer!!

On our next to last day of school we celebrated our year with an ice cream day!  It was oodles of fun!  

We started our day by making ice cream CVCe cones.  Each student got an ice cream stencil, a die cut triangle, and a CVCe picture.  Students then traced and cut out four ice cream scoops and glued them to the cone.  The CVCe picture was glued to the cone and the letters needed to spell the word were written on each scoop.

We also created an anchor chart about ice cream and wrote adjectives that described it.

Then we created ice creams with more die cut triangles for cones and ice cream paint (shaving cream, glue, and red food coloring).  On the scoop, we added descriptive words for ice cream.

We also did a math survey asking if you preferred ice cream in a cup or a cone.

This survey is in my Survey Says pack.

We ended the day with an ice cream party!

By the way, I found those precious cups from Wal-mart for 87 cents!  They have the words "GRAD" and "2013" on them.  Perfect for the end of Kindergarten!

I am so sad this year is done.  This group of cuties were AMAZING!  I am also sad to be leaving kindergarten.  :(  I do hope I can return to kinder real soon.  It's all in God's hands and I am so excited about my new school!


  1. I love your ice cream cones! I will have to do that with summer school.
    Fun in ECSE

  2. I love the describing ice cream activity- that is so cute!

    ~Diving Into Learning



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