Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're getting there!

Happy Saturday, peeps!  I am so thankful for this week because I feel like we finally jumped over that hump that is the first few {CrAzY} weeks of kindergarten - PHEW!  There was so much learning that happened with my cuties and they have been expressing that learning at home and in other areas of the school.  

One of my favorite things that happen in kindergarten is when we move past reading the pictures and we start reading the words.  I encourage finding the sight words that we have learned while doing Read to Self by giving each student a small hand lense that stays in their book box to hunt for these words.  It may be reading just one word amidst a whole sentence, but they're reading words and they feel soooo successful!  They are always pointing out our four words that we have learned and I LOVE IT!  Sprinkles to these cuties!

Anyways, I just had to share my joy with you all.  Little celebrations are celebrations too!

This week we started learning about plane shapes.  I started with circles and gave each student a pipe cleaner to play with for a moment (always play with manipulatives first) and they started using them as mustaches!  How cute!

Anyways, then I taught them a circle song in which we bent the pipe cleaner into a circle while singing it.

We also read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and used a lot of shape activities form Julie Lee's Chicka Chicka pack on TPT.

We also tasted coconut and graphed the results and discussed what we learned:

We also created Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees with our names.

Here is all of it put together!

 Another shape activity that we did at the end of the week was create shapes with our bodies.  I compile these photos into a class book.  Here is one picture of our body shapes.  (By the way, I learned who the leaders and planners are in my class with this activity because those kiddos jumped in so fast to tell their friends how to lay to make the shapes.)

We had trouble making a rectangle so we made a plan on the marker board.

 We also played some alphabet games.  Here we are playing Alphabet Swat!  All I do is lay out letters that we have learned and give two students a fly swatter.  Then I call out a letter and they swat it.  They loved it!

We also went on a letter hunt to review our letter that we have already learned.  When we found a letter that we were reviewing we recorded it on the recording sheet.  To spice it up we wore super star reader glasses!

We played Alphabet Bump to review our letters that we have already learned, but I forgot to snap pics of it - Stink a roni!

I promise I am almost finished...

We also reviewed out sight words by arranging our friends wearing letter vests in the correct order to spell a sight word.

We also turned our home living center into a vet's office since we were learning about community helpers this week.  I was so impressed with my cuties' kindness toward the animals and how they wanted to take care of them.

One last exciting thing is that my sweet bloggy friend, Heather at Heather's Heart, is having a give away that you will not want to miss.  Click the pic below to enter.


Thanks for reading this super long post.  Happy Saturday friends!


  1. What an awesome week!! I totally forgot to take pictures of my kids.... all. week. long! oooops! I totally agree with you on thanking goodness that the first few weeks are over!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  2. Erica! You are Super Teacher! I love your Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities! What wonderful ideas. I cannot believe how much you have accomplished in just a few short weeks! How lucky your kids are to have such a great teacher!



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