Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy, busy as a bee and a little free"bee"!

So, because of "buzzy"ness, I am feeling so behind on school projects.  Here is a peek of some of the things I have been able to squeeze in this past week.

This will be one of my Working on Words choices in the beginning of the year.

Students match uppercase clothespins to the lowercase cards.

I made three sets in three different colors.  (This pic shows the back of the lowercase letters paper in the first two pics.)

I made each set a different color and wrote the uppercase letters in the color ink to match the back of the lowercase cards.  That way if one pin is left out on accident, I know where it belongs.

I also made these letter shakin' bottles.  This will also be a Working on Words choice at the beginning of the year.  Students shake the bottle and record a letter that they see.  The letters inside the bottle are letter beads.

I also printed, laminated, and cut out these "bee"utiful alphabet cards and number cards.  I bought these on TPT from Hedrich's Hive.

Aren't they just buzz worthy!?!?!

And since we're on the bee theme {again} here are two unnecessary, yet fun, items that were given to me over the past week.  {I love little gifts, especially bee ones!}

Chubby little bee!

Bee shoes!

Okie dokie, if you made it to the end of this post, here is your free"bee"!

Click on the pic to grab this little goodie at my TPT shop!


  1. How did you create the clothes pin activity?? Word?? I would live to do this for the beginning of the year too. Also what font is the letter search label?? Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. The clothespins are on Open Office. I can send the PDF to you if you want it. The font on the bottles is Wish I Were Taller by Kevin and Amanda. The clip are letters are from Lettering Delights called Funky Chunky.

    2. I would love if you sent me the pdf! Thanks so much!

  2. Love the shoes....too cute!! Thanks for the freebie!

  3. I'm loving all your bee stuff.

  4. Thanks for sharing! If you have time stop by my blog and join my "Classroom Tours Linky Party"! I would love to see your classroom!!


    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  5. Erica - love your ABC activities!! And, those shoes are too darling!
    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  6. Ooh I love the ABC clothespin match! Could I also get the PDF? Pretty please! Thanks!

  7. Love love love your blog and creativity!! Could I get the PDF as well? Thanks!!

  8. Would you mind sending me the PDF as well? Thank so much! :-)

  9. I love your blog! Really cute ideas! Can I have a copy of the PDF for the clothes pin match up. Its a great idea. Thanks,



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