Monday, July 9, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching

Hi friends!  I have spent a lot of time this summer deciding what classroom management strategies I will put in place.  I have always been a fan of whole brain teaching and have implemented components of it into my room in the past.  

If you aren't familiar with Whole Brain Teaching, check out their site.  It is wonderfully helpful!  

Basically the components of this management system is having students recall rules and gestures when prompted in a fun way.  Here is an awesome video to show you more about Whole Brain Teaching.


I have made some posters to hang on my wall about Whole Brain Teaching.  I will laminate them and attach them to ribbon to cutesy them up, but I wanted to have them in my room for reference during back to school and for subs and student teachers.  Click the pic to download them.


What are some of your classroom management strategies? 


  1. Erica we LOVE this!!! Found it at the end of the year and used it for the last few months and found it fabulous! The best by far was blowing the answer into your hand and then release. The kids loved it! We used it ALL.THE.TIME! So good!

    ~Christy & Tammy

  2. These are great! Thank you for sharing. =)

    I am trying to figure out how to weave WBT and Conscious Discipline together. I would love to more about what you are going to do.

    Heather's Heart

  3. I used WBT two years ago and the difference was amazing. I didn't do it last year and it showed. I will be doing it this year for sure! I love the rules and motions, especially keeping your dear teacher happy!!


  4. I'm loving these posters! I'm a newbie to WBT myself so these are the basics I am starting off with. Thank you so much Erica! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. I just learned so much by watching this video!! Lots of great, easy ideas!! I have been wondering about WBT and am now going to spend my day looking into it :)
    Kindergarten Stars

  6. I so want to try this, but am so nervous since I'll be out on maternity leave.
    Of course I'll donate to the 400 giveaway - you just tell me what you need :)

  7. I read it over the summer and very excited about using it this year however I was wondering if any of your parents complained about the 5th rule keep your dead teacher happy. A few teachers at my school feel weird about that 5th rule. Anyone have any thoughts on this? If I did come actions a parent comment about why should my child work towards pleasing you or whatever they would say, what do I say?

    1. I don't like the fifth rule so I don't use it. :) I use the rules that you can print form this site:

    2. I use rule number 5, but right after it I have my students say "How do I keep her happy? When I am learning!" Then it makes it clear that it's all about their learning! I love whole brain teaching and have incorporated it more and more into my teaching each year. Makes a HUGE difference.



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