Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Poetry Fun!

We have started poetry and I must say - WOW!  We start each day in writer's workshop with a poem.  My cuties are loving Jack Prelutsky right now.  They are begging for another poem by him each day.  

We started our poetry unit by reading this book

and recording what learned about different poems on our poetree (inspired by Cara Carroll).  We recorded what we learned about poems on the little birds.

In the book, Nancy talks about an acrostic poem.  We read the acrostic in the book and I explained that an acrostic poem helps us learn about the person or object the acrostic is about.

Then we wrote an acrostic poem about the Earth.

We also created acrostics about us using these precious Rainbow Namebows!

My cuties' names are on the clouds and they have enough rainbow strips to equal the letters in their name.  Then they wrote adjectives that described themselves on each of the strips.

There is much more poetry fun in store...


  1. Love all of it...I need to get my act together and do an actual poetry unit instead of just doing poems randomly.

  2. Love your Poetry Tree. Our librarian does a Poem For Your Pocket every April. She has a special purse that she stores different poems in and gives them to kids in the hall, etc. I go to the library every Thursday and they each get a poem then.



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