Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using QR Codes

I don't know if you are familiar with QR (quick response) codes, but I am becoming a fan of them.  They are so easy to use and kinders love using the iPads for anything, so I have been creating fun activities that use QR codes.  Here is a sight word scavenger hunt for you.  It uses the sight words be, good, go, she, said, will, play, and for.  Place the cards around the room and let students scan them with a QR reader on a iPad.  Then they record the word on the recording sheet.

 I also created this document that walks you through creating them and other uses for them.

I am also working on adding a QR codes page to my website.  Here is a very rough draft of it.  It will look better soon and have tons of resources, I promise.

Wish me luck because tomorrow I am presenting on QR codes for my campus after school.  EEKK!


  1. Neat! My own children love finding QR codes on everything at home and out. We dont have anything that can read them but every since they saw them in an episode of Electric Company, it was love. I'm sure the students in your class would love this activity. Luck on your presentation.

  2. Thanks for providing this tutorial. I may try this when I have some free time like spring break.

    What a neat idea and thanks for sharing!!

    ~Tracy from A Perfectly Poetic Page

  3. Today was Fabulous Friday at our Kindergarten Center and my rotation was technology. I discovered QR codes earlier this week, and decided today would be a perfect day to introduce them since I have every classroom for 30 minutes. I first demonstrated on the Promethean Board how to use the QR scanner on the ipad. I told the students they were trying to find the "secret CVC word" by scanning the code. They absolutely loved it!!! They got so excited when the word popped up. I am now going to use them for our Earth Day rotation. Thanks for sharing!!

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  5. I found you through your comment on Growing Kinders!! Thanks so, so much for sharing how you made these!!!! You are my new favorite person!!;) Your cleverness and generosity is GREATLY appreciated!!! xoxox
    Little Warriors



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