Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Teach K!

Are you going to I Teach K next week?  

I cannot wait to go and present about guided reading on Thursday!  I'll write a detailed post after I return about my presentation, but until then, here is a video of one of my lessons this year in a small group.


Last week was AMAZING!  I was blessed to teach K-2 teachers in my district about Daily 5 on Tuesday.  I made a huge mess in my bedroom while I was preparing my lesson. Yikes!

Then I attended a professional development session in my district about the Seesaw app (WOW!) before heading to Houston for Get Your Teach On with my bestest teacher friend, Lori!  It was THE best conference I have been to and learned so much from Deanna Jump

 and Adam Dovico!  He is the cutest and so enthusiastic!

Lori and I enriched our traveling with a stop at Magnolia.  We called our little adventure to Houston our "teacher field trip".  It was the best!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saving the Polar Bears with Science and Math Integration

Have you heard about Polar Bears International?

This organization does so much for the polar bears!  For the last two years my classes have performed plays to fund raise money for this organization.

Here in Texas we have state standards called TEKS.  One of our TEKS states:

identify and explain a problem such as the impact of littering on the playground and propose a solution in his/her own words

I have gently inspired my students to solve the problem of arctic animals losing their homes after we complete Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals unit.  We perform a lot in our learning, so my kiddos have voted to perform plays to raise change for the polar bears so we can "Make a Change for Polar Bears". We used Heidi Songs Primary Plays.  They're the best!  Click HERE to see a snippet of our show!

To inform others about the troubles in the arctic, we created Adobe Spark videos to email to the campus and created QR codes to attach to brochures we wrote for our our families.

My littles love to use Adobe Spark to show what they know.  This app is so simple to use and they use it 100% independently!  WOW!  We had 5 groups create videos.  Each group had an Adobe Spark expert on their team so their teams could be independent in their creations.  Click the picture below to see one of the informational videos we made.

We also created these little collection cups for each class in our school to donate their loose change.  Each class on campus brought their change to our classroom on the day we performed.  We also performed for our families at night.

Once we collected the change we used it to sort into pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to master our state standard:

identify U.S. coins by name, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters

We collected over $300 to send to Polar Bears International!


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