Friday, February 22, 2013

Hall Pass

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  I am linking up with Reagan (TX gal!!) to share my Hall Pass:

I love my Very Busy Vowels unit the most.  My cuties really learned a lot from it.


I love my calendar area.  I love to teach calendar.  This pic from the beginning of the year.  I change out the activities a lot, so we cover lots of concepts.  I also have a calendar caper who visits and messes things up.

I use "Tootsie roll, lollypop.  We've been talking, now let's stop."  It works everytime.  

I love to bake!  i make a lot of cakes and cupcakes for parties for peeps.  Here are some of my creations:

Some look better than others.  I try, though, and it's fun to me.  

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