Monday, July 7, 2014

Hands-on Alphabet Fun!

Happy Monday!  That's an awesome thing to hear in the summer!  I have been a busy bee this past week, since I didn't have summer school, and I finished up my Hands-on Alphabet Fun units.

The first unit is filled with interactive fun for letters A-M.

 The second unit is filled with interactive fun for letters N-Z

Letter Pp is a FREE unit so you can preview what each of the units are like.  Click below to check it out for free!

Each unit has a cut outs to make a class bubble map, materials to go on a letter hunt, pictures to hunt for, a recording sheet to color when the pictures are found, a hands on tracing activity, a printing practice game, an independent practice letter identification hunt, a class sorting activity to sort what does and does not begin with the letter sound, and an independent cut/glue sorting activity.

Here are some pictures of my class in action this year with the fun!

Hunting for /m/ pictures with a monster wand

Hunting for /p/ pictures with a paw

Hunting for /l/ pictures with a light

Hunting for /i/ pictures with inchworms

Hunting for /o/ pictures with octopus hats

Hunting for /u/ pictures with umbrella crayons

Hunting for /t/ pictures with turtle shells

Tracing Rr with a robot

 Tracing Mm with a moose

 Tracing Tt with a turtle

Printing Qq with quills in a spin and record game

Printing Tt with a top spinning game

Grab these units this month for only $25, filled with over 325 pages of fun for your young learners!


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