Friday, October 18, 2013


Y'all, I am missing kindergarten - TONS, but these new littles are capturing my heart for sure.  They make me laugh ALL THE TIME and they love learning so much.  Everything is so exciting for them.

This week is pumpkin week and we have been doing lots of fun pumpkin activities.  For math, we practiced numbers 1-6 with my (free) Pumpkin Roll and Cover activity in my shop:

We also played a ten frame game with my pumpkin ten frames I found at Dollar Tree.  I used the dice from my Pumpkin Roll and Cover above and stored the materials in these cutie patootie pumpkin felt bags from Target.

We also created our new favorite poem, 5 Little Pumpkins...

...and painted pumpkins.

For science, we read Pumpkin Pumpkin and practiced the life cycle of a pumpkin with my pumpkin life cycle props.

(Do you see the little seed, vine, yellow flower, small green pumpkin, and big orange pumpkin?)

We also enjoyed my little pumpkin book to learn more about pumpkins.

And of course, we explored the ooey, gooey fun inside of a pumpkin!

They had a blast!

Check out my Playful Pumpkins unit for more pumpkin fun!

By the way...  look at my little pumpkin!

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  1. We just had pumpkin week too! It looks like your kids had a great time. I love your dog too, my dog would not be happy in a cute costume. I tried the first two years and gave up because she refused to move in the costumes. Thanks for sharing!
    Kari :)



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